Surrender yourself to stillness, the truth you seek is already there. ~ Zen

Meditation, or dhyana, is an integral part of the practice of yoga. Meditation is the practice of quieting our minds to cultivate deeper awareness and heightened consciousness. Meditation is not difficult, and anyone can do it. We meditate to fulfill the promise of yoga – to reach our true potential. But, as Ganga White says, “...your entire life is your meditation. All other specific forms of meditation technique are secondary.” By integrating qualities of attention, awareness, caring, and insight into all arenas of living, we reach the deeper core and more essential meaning of meditation.

The practice of meditation does not mean closing down our minds. We are human beings and we think. It’s what we do. Meditation is a technique to develop profound calm and inner quiet allowing us to set aside mindless thoughts for a while. Meditation does not cripple the natural mental processes that move our lives.

There are many documented health benefits of meditation, but nearly everyone who practices meditation agrees that they feel better, more grounded, less scattered, calmer and increasingly peaceful when they meditate. At Kumbhak Yoga we provide guidance in the practice of meditation best suited to your individual needs.

Meditation is a radical act of love. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

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